Story of Poko Restaurant

Since summer of 2021, two new restaurants are decorating Pärnu beach, the larger one is called "POKO" and the smaller one "POKO-b".  The buildings are located at the end of the beach promenade - the address is Side Street T1. The buildings are completed as a special order work. The building rests on dark steel load-bearing structures. As finishing materials, we use natural but durable thermal spruce. Thermal spruce interacts perfectly with the landscaping and trees of Pärnu Beach. As eloquent elements, we use a dark gray frame, while bright glass is used as opening fillers. The building was designed by creative BOA Architects.

The restaurant is operated by OKO Restaurants OÜ, which currently operates five restaurants with an international reputation in four buildings – NOA, OKO, Tuljak, Paju Villa and NOA Chef's Hall (NCH). NOA and NCH are restaurants with different concepts and clientele that amicably share a common house and values. Restaurants are innovative and use the best raw materials and practices. They are one of the companies that trained the most catering and hosting specialists in Estonia. They have been noted by the World Top50 and White Guide as one of the best restaurants in the Nordic countries, the Baltics and also eastern Europe, with NCH selected as the best restaurant in Estonia for five consecutive years. In addition to developing food culture, they have also received recognition from the Cultural Endowment, the Enterprise Development Foundation, the Association of Interior Architects and the Association of Architects.

The restaurants offer in particular delicious pizzas made from natural root fermented dough and baked in a 450° genuine stone oven. In addition to pizzas, delicious seafood is prepared in the stone oven. Local fish, burgers and pastas are also excluded from the menu. In addition to food, various Djs and live performers are also coming to the beach.


Iris Abdullajev - VP Kinnisvara müügiesindaja


Iris Abdullajev +372 5558 8889


Iris Abdullajev +372 5558 8889

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